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Inspired Path Counseling takes a holistic approach to supporting clients in developing a sense of balance and wellness in their lives. We believe that each individual has a multi faceted experience through life molding them in to the person they are, sometimes that lead folks facing challenges that they need support to overcome. By using a creative perspective on the Multimodal methodology Inspired Path Counseling is able assess clients to determine not only what is challenging their mental health but also what strengths they will be able to utilize to create their own path to wellness.

Using a unique assessment method biased on the theories of Multimodal therapy Inspired Path Counseling supports clients in gaining perspective on their emotional, mental, and physical experience. This is accomplished during the first session and will inform the development of a personalized treatment plan that will engage the client through skill based methods that will enable the client to see immediate benefit in their mental and emotions state.  To ensure that the clients progress continues Inspired Path Counseling engages in more in-depth methods of therapeutic processes that allow clients to understand what drives their thoughts and behaviors and will empower them to create lasting change in their lives.

Katie Weber is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She specializes in art therapy, mind/body awareness, cognitive behavioral, and holistic approaches to treatments that support individuals and families experiencing challenges in daily life. Katie works well with adults, children, and adolescents; she also has experience in dealing with PTSD, ADHD, ODD, eating disorders, depression, mood disorders, gender identity issues, stress, and anxiety. Using creative, artistic, and solution-focused modalities, she supports clients in increasing resiliency, coping strategies, and communication skills. She also supports clients in gaining an increased sense of balance and empowerment in their lives.

By utilizing art therapy with families, Katie fosters a stronger family bond, supports family members in understanding each other, and works with members toward verbalizing emotions that fuel behavior. As an experienced family therapist, she understands the importance of a strong parent team and works with parents to ensure effective and healthy communication as well as a strong sense of unity.

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